Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby


The 2020 prize list is posted above. The list will be updated, revised, corrected and merged as new prizes become available. Please notice how many of these prizes were donated in someone’s memory. This is one indication of how deeply people feel about our salmon derby.

Note: At the award ceremony, ladder prize winners can choose from all the ladder prizes remaining on the board; so if your position on the ladder would win you an item you don’t need, you can pick something else. Winners not present at the awards ceremony will receive the highest-value item on the list that can be easily mailed, e.g. a check or gift certificate. Merchandise prizes are awarded to people who are present (or to their representatives).

See derby rules for specifics.

Top Cash Prizes

Top cash prizes… the same each year

First Prize $10,000
Second Prize $2,000
Third Prize $1,000
“Mystery Fish #1” – ANY fish >= 6 lbs. can win! $500
“Mystery Fish #2” – ANY fish >= 6 lbs. can win! $500
“Mystery Fish #3” – ANY fish >= 6 lbs. can win! $500
“Mystery Fish #4” – ANY fish >= 6 lbs. can win! $500

NMTA Prize Boat

Each year so far, the Northwest Marine Trade Association has given away a fantastic prize boat. All of our derby participants are entered in the NMTA drawing. Please note that all aspects of the boat giveaway are under the control of the NMTA. We simply submit your name and contact information, and hope that one of our anglers wins the boat! Please contact NMTA for details.The 2020 boat is a beauty and will be on display at our Awards Ceremony on Sunday, March 15.

  • (Please note that all aspects of this boat giveaway, including all state compliance issues, are the responsibility of the Northwest Marine Trade Association. The Gardiner Salmon Derby Association enters all Olympic Salmon Derby ticket holders into the NMTA drawing as a courtesy.)
  • The 2020 boat is a fully loaded KingFisher 2025 Escape Hardtop valued at over $75,000, powered with Yamaha 200 and 9.9 horsepower motors on an EZ-Loader trailer, fully rigged with Shoxs seats, Scotty downriggers, Raymarine electronics, a Dual Electronics stereo, a WhoDat Tower, and Burnewiin accessories.