Online ticket purchase

Online ticket are available from December 1st until the Wednesday before the derby.


  • We will send you a confirmation of your ticket purchase. These are done manually, not automatically, so there will be a delay before you receive confirmation. We usually follow up within a few hours, but it may take a day or even two depending on other activities keeping us busy. If you don’t hear from us within a day or so, please send us an email because we have occasional problems with email.
  • Your confirmation will include a completed ticket, with your name and other information. You MUST print a copy of this ticket and have it with you during the derby. You need to show your name and ticket # when you submit fish.
  • When you complete your PayPal purchase, you must provide a “shipping” address with your contact information — so we can reach you if you win a prize, and to send you the derby brochure next year. Tickets are NOT mailed to you; you receive an electronic version of your ticket via email.
  • Please provide your permanent telephone number so we can contact you if you win a prize. (This will not be used during the derby, but later, e.g. if you aren’t present at the awards ceremony or if you win the NMTA prize boat next fall.)

Buy a $42.50 fishing ticket for this year’s derby. It will be emailed to you; print it and bring it.
Full name to appear on ticket
Telephone (to contact winners)