Fishing guidelines

These guidelines have been taken from the current brochure.

  • Catch/submit fish only during Derby hours within area boundaries. [see “Schedule” and “Map”]
  • Please check latest WDFW regulations for latest Marine Area catch limits. Area 6 currently limited to  clipped blackmouth salmon,  2 per angler, per day; Area 7, 1 fish limit, and Area 9: 1 fish limit.  Size minimum 22 inch, release Coho and wild Chinook in all areas.
  • All fish of six pounds or more are eligible for [all prizes, including] “Mystery Fish” prizes!
  • Please consider donating fish to our community’s annual Appreciation Dinner.
  • All fish will be returned after weighing – no cleaning and storage.
  • VHF channel 68: Derby announcements.
  • VHF channel 16: Emergencies.
  • You are responsible for conforming to all state/federal rules, such as:
    § Valid fishing license required
    § Only one fishing pole [at a time] per person
    § Pole to be hand-held while landing fish [and no stationary poles or facsimiles]
    § Single-point barbless hooks only
    § Maintain required safety equipment
    § Avoid Protection Island (200 yard limit)
    [ also other rules at the website
    (…and this link is for: 2015-16 rules)]