DERBY STATUS: The 2015 derby is coming soon!
PRIZE METER: 55 prizes were on the 2014 prize list (51 ladder, 4 bonus) worth $22,833[click here for prize details]

Error about season opening

In the 2015 brochure and in earlier versions of our website, we stated that February 16th was a 2015 salmon season opening date. That was incorrect; the Area 6 season opens December 1st and the Area 9 season opens January 16th. Sorry for the confusion. This does not affect the 2015 derby, which runs from 2/20 to 2/22 as planned.

Website updated for 2015

We’ve updated the information here to reflect plans for the 2015 derby. Note important rules changes as well as the different schedule (Friday to Sunday, a week after Presidents Day weekend). We’ll post further updates here and on Facebook.

Changes for 2015 derby

Plans are nearly finished for the 2015 derby. There are some big changes this year. We’ll supply more details later, but we need to point out the following:

  • 1. Dates are 20-22 February, Friday to Sunday, NOT the Presidents Day Weekend dates of earlier years. (This is because of the state’s late season opening for Area 9.)
  • 2. All tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket sales end Wednesday 2/18 and there will be NO tickets sold at launch ramps. (Tickets purchased online WILL be held at your launch ramp, however.)
  • 3. Sunday’s fishing will end at 1PM, not noon, and the awards ceremony will start at 3PM.

Check back for more details as we complete planning.

Prize delay — don’t worry

Attention all prize-winners who weren’t at the awards ceremony: We have had a delay in sending out prizes by mail, but never fear, this will all be happening soon. Feel free to contact us for more info, but don’t worry, everything is happening, just a little more slowly than usual. Our Treasurer has been in the hospital (he’s out now and all is well) and it was more sensible to wait until he was up and about rather than trying to hand all these paperwork details off to somebody else. Again, if you are unsure, or if you think we might have trouble contacting you, then by all means shoot us an email and we’ll be sure that everything is copacetic. We’ll post further updates if anything surprising happens, otherwise just please be patient.

Mystery fish winners

The four mystery fish winners were:

  • Kevin Nitta (Sequim)
  • Ryan Lampers (Granite Falls)
  • Bill Kramer (Sequim)
  • Ashley Merrill, (Port Hadlock)

Congratulations to them, and to everybody who was out there fishing in the big wind.

2014 derby is over

We had difficult weather but still recorded 171 fish over six pounds, about what we recorded in 2011 (but less than the 217 of 2012 and the 249 of last year). Awards will be presented in Gardiner at 2PM. See the final results here.

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