The Gardiner Salmon Derby Association, a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation, was formed in December 2009 by Gardiner volunteers who had run the earlier Discovery Bay Salmon Derby for many years. The new corporation conducts annual salmon derbies within the framework of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, to benefit area emergency and other services. Its first such event was held in February 2011.

The corporation originally attempted to hold a derby in 2010, but that event was canceled due to a legal conflict between the Gardiner Salmon Derby Association and its former fire district. Details about this conflict can be found in the court records of Jefferson County and in newspaper articles in the area. Filings, hearings, and other activities eventually led to a judgment in favor of the new Gardiner Salmon Derby Association; but this decision was appealed. Before the appeal was resolved in the courts, which was likely to take at least one to two more years, the parties reached an out-of-court settlement.

More detail on the history of the Discovery Bay Salmon Derby, our predecessor event, may be added here in the future.