Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby is an annual event run by the Gardiner Salmon Derby Association, a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. This event was formerly the Discovery Bay Salmon Derby, but was renamed to reflect its huge size and scope.

The first derby under this new name was held in February 2011. It was a tremendous success. We look forward to many more derbies in the future.

All our net proceeds support area emergency services and other worthwhile causes, including the Gardiner Community Center. We generate funds through the annual Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby, and through direct contributions from area businesses and residents. We use these funds in accordance with our charter, IRS rules, Washington State Law, and the wishes of our Board of Directors and our membership. An ongoing process is used to consider area needs and allocate our available resources to cover them. Area residents are welcome to attend Association meetings, volunteer for derby activities, and participate in our decision-making. (You can find more information about our use of funds on the FAQ page.)

We have a proud legacy in the Discovery Bay Salmon Derby, an event that began in 1973 and ran annually, despite a brief hiatus from 1998 to 2003, until 2009. In 2009-2010, a legal dispute about the derby caused the cancellation of the 2010 derby and the end of the Discovery Bay Salmon Derby as such. The conflict was eventually settled, allowing this February tradition to continue as the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby. More information about the history of this event and its predecessor is available on this website. We’ll try to add to this material over time from derby archives and from the memories of the longtime derby volunteers who remain involved with today’s derby organization.